Like all motor vehicles, quads and side-by-side vehicles must obtain homologation before they are allowed to travel on public roads. The public road includes all usable roads (paved, tarmac, off-road green lanes etc.) as long as they are not on private land. The homologation criteria depend on the use of the vehicle and its technical characteristics and capacities. Approval for use on public roads (whether paved or not) is more restrictive than approval for use exclusively on private land.

Why homologate a quad?

Certification is mandatory for safety and environmental standards. Driving with an unapproved quad exposes the driver to a series of penalties, which can include a large fine or confiscation of the vehicle. It is the job of manufacturers and dealers to offer you models that meet the standards in force, and guide you to the vehicle with a homologation that matches your needs.

UK and European homologation standards

In summary, European standards classify quads and side-by-sides according to different criteria. There are a number of variables taken into consideration, including weight, speed, power, noise, number of passengers, seat type and seatbelt options, the presence of safety equipment like mirrors, indicators and lights, etc.

 What are the different types of homologation?

For a number of off-road vehicles, there are a range of homologations available to suit specific needs and requirements, depending on usage and whether or not the vehicle needs to be taken on the road.

These include the below:

  • Machinery Directive (MD) homologation
  • EU homologation
  • Tractor homologation
  • L7e homologation

For all future sales of Polaris Off-Road Vehicles in the UK, all EU homologated vehicles will be replaced with Machinery Directive (MD) homologation requirements. This will not affect the cost / pricing set for affected models. Tractor and L7e homologation units are unaffected by this change.

Machinery Directive (MD) Homologation

  • Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) compliant
  • No park brake
  • Seatbelts
  • E-marked tyres with speed/weight index
  • No limitations on speed/power
  • Passenger handholds on ATV machines
  • Road lighting kit not fitted as standard

Please note the MD homologation models do not include a trailer socket connector, road lighting kit, horn, parking brake module, or rear number plate bracket and light.

L7e Homologation

  • Can be fully road registered (PLG)
  • Fitted with road lighting kit
  • Restricted on power (15kW for side-by-sides)
  • For ATVs, maximum speed is 90 kilometres per hour
  • Maximum 3 seats for side-by-side vehicles
  • Fitted with R16 seatbelts, e-marked headlight and tail lights as well as a rear number plate bracket and light
  • Compliant with Euro-5 emission standards (from 1st Jan 2020)
  • 80dB (A) pass-by noise limit
  • E-marked tyres with speed/weight index
R21MAS57F1 570 EPS InMoldSageGreen ZUG 3q 1280x720 1

Tractor Homologation

  • Can be registered for agricultural or PLG use depending on usage
  • Can be fully road registered
  • Fitted with road lighting kit
  • Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) compliant
  • E-marked tyres with speed/weight index
  • E-marked headlights and tail lights
  • Fitted with a trailer socket connector, turn signals, module flasher, horn and R16 seatbelts
  • Park brake module fitted
  • ATVs with tractor homologation are fitted with passenger handholds
  • UTVs feature an adjustable driver seat
  • Operator presence detection
  • Front towing device and rear hitch
  • Speed limited to 40/60 kilometres per hour (T1a restricted to 40kph / T1b restricted to 60kph)
  • The addition of ABS removes the speed restriction but pass-by noise requirements still apply (85dB)
R21MAS57C1 570 EPS InmoldSageGreen Tractor 3q 1280x720 1

EU Homologation

  • Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) compliant
  • Fitted with park brake module
  • Passenger handholds on ATV machines
  • Fitted with turn signals and module flasher, a trailer socket connector, horn, and R16 seatbelts
  • E-marked tyres with speed/weight index and e-marked headlight and tail lights
  • No limitations on speed/power
  • Road lighting kit not fitted as standard
  • Can be registered for limited use or agricultural if end users usage complies
  • Road lighting kit and rear number plate bracket and light fitting
R21MAA57F1 570 InMoldSageGreen EU 3q 1280x720 1

What homologation is right for my off-road vehicle?

Your use determines your needs, however, the manufacturer will have already taken care of their approval according to the usage requirements. In essence, if you choose an agricultural off-road vehicle, the type of homologation on offer will be correct for agricultural use, like pulling heavy trailers. Likewise, if you buy a model suitable for recreational use like green laning, the vehicle is likely to already have the correct equipment to allow this activity, like safety equipment, signalling accessories etc.

The DJ Agri Kent team can explain which homologation is right for you, based on your usage. Get in touch today.