Categorising quads depends on a rider’s point of view and usage, as these machines tend to be designed to be as versatile as possible. That being said, based on the performance specification and accessories of these machines, there are a few defined categories that will help you choose your quad.

Because there are so many different types of use for quads, we will focus on 4 main categories to provide more information; leisure, sport, utility and agriculture.

Note that not all quads can be driven on roads open to traffic, only those approved for road use are legally able to.

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Leisure quads

These all-terrain vehicles are used for the ride, to walk in difficult to access areas, but also paths and small roads. If you are looking for a versatile vehicle to ride off-road for fun, and potentially with a passenger, opt for a leisure model with two seats.

Two seater ATV models tend to offer more space and comfort for both the rider and the passenger, including things like a backrest, handles for the passenger and additional footrest room.

Note, when carrying a passenger, please ensure both the driver and passenger are in full safety equipment.

How to choose a one-seater or two-seater quad?

If you are not planning on riding with a passenger so do not require an extra seat, a two-seater quad is not necessary. However, if from time to time you feel that you may need the ability to carry a passenger, getting an ATV with an extra seat would be most beneficial.

Polaris two-seater models include:

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Sport Quads

Offering next-level performance typically for advanced off-road riders or for use in racing environments, sport quads tend to include more power, speed and torque to suit such applications.

The overall design of sport performance quads tends to focus on a wider stance for high-speed stability and to help carry cornering speed, but also feature a high-performance engine and maximum ground clearance and suspension travel to withstand sporty riding styles.

Polaris sport performance quads include:

2021 sportsman 570 eps hunter edition pursuit camo 85Q4994 1280x853 1

Utility Quads

Utility Quads are designed for towing, moving, transporting and pushing – basically anything that can suit a range of different applications to help get the job done. Utility quads can be personalised for the rider’s use.

To help with this, users can usually add handy accessories offered by the manufacturer to customise the vehicle to suit their needs, such as storage boxes, added protection. Some manufacturers even customise the paint options to allow for specific tasks, such as the Polaris Hunter edition line-up, specially painted in a camouflage finish for hunting. Utility quads are perfect for being versatile and being able to respond to a multitude of tasks.

These types of UTVs are less demanding than a sportier model. Their suspension tends to be more comfortable and the height of the sitting position offers a greater view.

Polaris utility quads include:

2021 sportsman 570 eps agri pro edition 85Q4652 1280x853 1

Agricultural Quads

Quad Bikes have been used for a long time for agricultural purposes as they are small, agile and more economical than large machines – they allow for rapid access to all parts of the land, give the rider a wider field of vision as they do not have an enclosed cab, and allow for easy mount/dismount when needed, for opening and closing gates, for example.

Like utility quads, agricultural quads tend to be focussed on a refined, comfortable ride and maximum capabilities for towing heavy trailers and hauling heavy loads like animal feed and tools.