Utility terrain vehicles, or side-by-sides, usually have a distinct design depending on the customer usage they are intended for. They usually fit into one of two categories: Utility and agricultural use, or recreation and sport performance use.

Unlike a quad, a UTV can seat up to six people depending on the model, and tend to provide more protection thanks to a roll cage and added accessories like doors, roof, windshield and rear panel, so they are very versatile for a number of different tasks and uses.

Utility and agricultural UTVs

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Whether it’s for hunting, farming, fishing, patrolling, maintenance or general helping hand day-to-day, there’s a UTV that will fit the job at hand. Utility vehicles are typically able to carry a number of passengers – from just one rider up to six riders – but they are also adapted to carrying a large load too. UTVs can be recognised with a large cargo bed on the back that allows the user to transport materials, and tend to have maximum capabilities for things like towing, hauling and pushing.

For farms and other agricultural needs, these all-terrain vehicles allow you to transport more material than a quad as well as cross winding and difficult paths. They make it possible to adapt a multitude of accessories in order to make the vehicle more versatile and meet many daily tasks.

Polaris caters for utility and agricultural use with its POLARIS RANGER line-up, offering a complete range of vehicles that allow a number of passengers – the Ranger 6×6 can carry up to 6 riders, all with varied capabilities, power, and style options. Polaris offers a choice of petrol (Ranger 570, Ranger 1000 and Ranger XP 1000), diesel (Ranger Diesel) and electric (Ranger EV) options for its RANGER line-up, depending on rider preference.

Recreation and Sport Side-by-sides

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Designed for performance, these vehicles combine performance and agility to set off on an adventure. The customization options of these SSVs are tailored towards riding and the enjoyment of riding.

In comparison to the utility vehicles like the Polaris Ranger, recreational side-by-sides tend to focus less on the ability to carry and move heavy loads, and instead focus on the performance of the vehicle in terms of suspension, ground clearance, speed, torque, power, resilience and protection.

The Polaris RZR is the flagship model when it comes to sport performance, with different variants on offer depending on rider preference and riding situation, including turbo-charged options, trail riding models and the newest and most capable option; the RZR Pro XP.

Crossover UTVs

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26 Jun 2020 general 1000 deluxe sunset red metallic
4 Jul 2019 polaris general 1000 eps premium 1

For riders that want to be able to manage day-to-day chores and use their UTV as a dependable workhorse, but would also like to spend time in the trails and riding recreationally, a versatile cross-over side-by-side is the best option; combining the dependability and capability of the utility-type vehicle, with the sporty edge of the recreational vehicle. The perfect transitional vehicle from week to weekend.

For this, Polaris offers the Polaris General. If you want to be ready for anything, you need a machine that can do everything.

To find your perfect Polaris vehicle – check out the entire Polaris range and model selector on our Polaris Britain website here.